Pin Notes

This is a Tiny memo Pad that will have Sticky Notes on a Webpage, saves in cookies. This Web Gadget is for the Google Homepage, Web-page or blog. 

This is not an electronics gadget, but i wanted to try building it, The inspiration for this has been Stickies. Which i have been using for some time. So i built this for my learning.  

The Source gives some ideas of css and JavaScript. The form elements blends with the note, The Note also serves as a dynamic menu for paper color and pencil color.

As the Cookies cannot be overused the note is limited to short snippets automatically.

Screenshot of Pin Notes

Pin Notes

Instructions -

The Pin-Notes User Manual has the full How-To.

Enable cookies, read this page cookies enabled. If you still have problems i suggest you use the Firefox Browser. If you clear all cookies from your browser, then the notes also will be deleted.

If the gadget says "On Cookies", for Firefox go to Tools->Options->Privacy, Check Mark the "Keep until they Expire" 

In Internet Explorer Tools->Internet Options->Privacy, set it to "Accept all Cookies" or "Low" - Then visit the page with this gadget, make an alarm setting or two - Then Revert the Privacy of IE to Default-Medium.

Live Pin Notes Widget

Pin Notes Gadget xml code 

iframe part for any html page - xml file for google sites.

Note -

This is toy or fun gadget not for serious note taking, it is more an example of css-dhtml-js for study or learning.

More -

I am trying an advanced version here, Jot-A-Note. I am stuck in this as Gears in Transitioning into HTML5 and i cannot afford SQL Hosting for these gadgets. Another problem is, i am unable to code like i used to, i could write Ajax in Machine Language.

Not anymore, there are too many bugs in my software, but they are harmless, like the Ladybird on the right. It is a Bug that was introduced to remove other Bugs.