Hourglass Clock

Simple Hourglass Clock, Track Time Progress, Shows Time, Date, Weekday and Week of Year.

Time flies, This Gadget shows it happening. This beats procrastination. At least you can keep a track of the time lost and swing into action.

Productivity in any organization is very important. These need to be in a nice pace. Neither too fast nor too slow.

Why not fast ? - Sometimes to just meet schedules/targets, we can  cram more projects for a group of people and tools. This strains both man and machine. The casualty is quality and reliability. With that customer frowns and it hits brand value.

Engineering, Production, Marketing and Customer support. One takes a hit, its like a heart or a liver. Hence we have to develop a nice pace to deliver quality products efficiently.

Scale up and Scale down gracefully. demand and supply define markets.

Screenshot of Widget

 Hourglass Clock

Live Hourglass Widget

Hourglass Clock xml code

Use the iframe part for any page. the xml file for google sites.