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Eco Alarm Clock

Eco Green Digital Alarm Clock

This is an upgrade of the digital-alarm-clock gadget which used embed for sound. In this version it uses SoundManager 2. The older version remains intact. Tested in FF, IE and Chrome.

You can set Five Alarms with Ten Selectable Musical Sounds and a small Text memo. Digital Alarm Clock Web Gadget with Musical Alarms.

Common Alarm Clock Manual for Both Versions

This is an Alarm Clock Simulation, Eco Green is to inspire saving energy and keeping earth Green, Clean and last longer.

This is an experimental gadget, usable but not easy. This gadget can demonstrate how difficult ergonomics is, when you need to press buttons in sequence to get an electronic gadget to perform.

Older Alarm Clock Version with Midi Sounds

This problem in user interface for electronic gadgets was vanquished by Touchscreen Interface as seen in the now popular iPad and iPod.

I am still trying to fit the best functionality within the 210px-115px GUI real estate. Now with sound manager which uses flash, alarm sounds may be more consistent. Making various sound/video formats play on all browsers is a messy task. Flash makes it easy but you need a plugin.

Live Eco Clock you can Operate

What Improvements ?
  • Sound plays thru a Flash Plugin, less glitches now.
  • It Carries a Green and Eco friendly Message, looks.
  • Sounds are all Nature Animal based, except a few.
  • Reset the clock or Alarm Sounds 7 times and goes off.
  • Chrome works with both old and new versions now.
  • Help page improved, Easy to find Help Icon on Gadget.
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Screenshot of Eco Green Clock

Eco Green Digital Alarm Clock

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