Digital Timer

Digital Timer Gadget Visual Interface

Here is is gadget GUI for Industrial Process control, WebApps. The buttons make a sound and Light up internal LED lamps. Power On-Off control, Digital Timer; Start, Reset Scroll and Select are the controls.

I will first make some simple examples with this UI. Then i will try to interface the javascript with PHP-MYSQL Application. I am just Thinking Loud. This makes a Globally Distributed Process Control Possible. :~) . You can Use html-js-php-msql. You can use ajax-python-perl too.

But for now, back to earth, I will just complete some more simple tutorial gadgets. This Idea of mine is Open Source, please keep it that way.

Live Widget that can be Operated

The advantage is that the industrial process or Home automation can be monitored and controlled on any computer including tablets which has a Browser. The plant automation or Home appliance can be regulated even as you travel back from factory to home. Or in any city from the Cyber Cafe. A Wireless Lan and Computer with Browser is all you need.

Press The Power on-off for a soft start, this is to prevent the inrush current from stressing the javascript components. Then it goes to a display test. The Start button can run or stop timer by toggling. The reset will Bring timer to 0000, format is min-sec.

Set by pressing select to get a marker over orange digit, Use Scroll to set number. Press Start to start timer, Start to be off to set again. The buzzer will turn on when Time elapsed matches time set. and the alarm relay trips. And a Flashing Annunciator signals end of process. Now Reset will start process again and stop flashing LED.

Digital Timer Gadget xml code  To integrate widget, The iframe part will do for html pages. The xml file for google-sites.

To use this like a regular instrument, you need a small portable hand-held computer with browser. Fix that in a Cabinet by filing or grinding it to size and wire the relays and supply. :-)

Controls - 
  1. Power - Powers On or Turns off Gadget.
  2. Select -  Selects Digit to be set with an Arrow Marke. 
  3. Scroll - Increments the Value of the Digit, Rolls over.
  4. Start -  Starts a Timed Process, Stops-Pauses a Process.
  5. Reset  - Resets the entire Cycle, Brings Process Time to Zero.

Outputs -

  1. Process Time - Seven Segment Green LED Display.
  2. Preset Time - Small Seven Segment Orange  Display.
  3. Annunciator - Green - Red LED Flasher Signals Alarm.
  4. Status - Text Status of Program, Below Process Time.

Interactive Timer Web Gadget Interface

Screenshot of Widget

Digital Timer Gadget Visual Interface

 A Web Gadget which is a Preset Timer. This can be Programmed from any Browser. It can also be modified to control external outputs. This project will only be a Web Gadget for Education, it will not have any external interface.

Digital Timer Web Gadget. - Project Page programmable-digital-timer Rev-12

Revisions -

  1. Counter Gadget half done modified, added a flashing colon and 99:99 time format.
  2. Buttons - Scroll setting not working yet. Select not yet tried. Web GUI Over. 
  3. Trial on  Checkout and Test of Tortoise SVN. => Done
  4. Moved all files from old project folder, Add in svn, commit  => Nope.
  5. IE-Opera OK, Firefox shows source  => deleted all files tsvn, commit  => Done.
  6. Firefox shows html source in browser => mime search google groups, google searched solution, modified config, uploaded again => Done.
  7. Firefox not playing mp3 sounds => added lines *.mid = svn:mime-type=audio/mid and *.mp3 = svn:mime-type=audio/mp3 => Nope.
  8. Firefox still not playing mp3 sounds => config modified *.mp3 = svn:mime-type=audio/mpeg => Done.
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  10. Scroll and Select works, cookie save ok, manual page added. 19:32 27-May-07