Analog Opamps

Opamps are the Building Blocks of Analog Circuits. Opamps are internally made of Transistor Amplifier Circuits. Now FET and MOSFET Opamps are of greater importance due to better impedance and bandwidth. 

Here are some Interactive Analog Opamp Tutorials that i have made using JavaScript and CSS. You can operate the controls and view the results in Virtual Meters and Sources.

Analog Opamps

Interactive Tutorials using Virtual Electronic Components

Slide the Potentiometers just like you would operate a Sliding Control. Drag the Knob on Pot to increase or decrease the resistance. The Resistance is shown is blue letters and dynamically alters value as you slide the pot.

The mV Source is varied by just moving mouse pointer over the two buttons, no clicking. This reduces finger strain and also you have a long lasting mouse. The mV buttons are special, the variation picks up speed if you let the mouse pointer remain on the button. This is Ramp-up and Ramp-down. This enables you to set it faster with just two buttons.

Finally you have a DVM a Digital Volt Meter that just Displays the Voltage at any Point, this readout value has to be noted down.

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