Alarm Clock

Digital Alarm Clock Web Gadget with Musical Alarms. This Web Gadget is for the  Web-page or blog. You can set Five Alarms with Ten Selectable Musical Sounds and a small Text memo.

The simulation is as close as possible to a uC based Clock which you could build, The GUI is more like a electronic gadget than a Software Application. That should charge you to build your Alarm Clock today.

Get new Eco Version, This page is of the Older Version of Digital Alarm Clock. The reason this is old is it sound integration is not very good. 

Zoom of Old and New Clocks

Screenshot of Alarm Clock

Live Alarm Clock you can Operate

Alarm Clock xml code

General Advice

This gadget has established usability problems. They were intended and demonstrated. It was an attempt to show the limits and strain associated with push button and key controls to operate an electronic gadget.

Many gadgets constrained with small size pose a challenge for the User Interface engineer. I myself have problems with the keyboard phones and remote control. This can be seen even in Monitor OSD controls in comparison to Analog Pot controls of old CGA/EGA Monitors.

Technology needs to make things simple. Keep controls minimum and Human Friendly means (analog). A human Being is a "Real Time Analog Gadget".

This gadget is a continuing experiment and i am not trying to dodge pointing fingers. I asked for it, i got it, Learn from it. Some already have !

Cookies Issue -

This gadget uses 18 Cookies nearing the Limit of 20 per Domain for IE and others also have limits.

If the gadget says "On Cookies", for Firefox go to Tools->Options->Privacy, Check Mark the "Keep until they Expire" In Internet Explorer Tools->Internet Options->Privacy, set it to "Accept all Cookies" or "Low" - Then visit the page with this gadget, make an alarm setting or two - Then Revert the Privacy of IE to Default-Medium.

A Better Solution is Tools->Internet Options->Privacy -> Advanced Select "Override Automatic Cookie.." Then Check Mark the "Prompt" in both types. Now when you visit a site you will be asked by a prompt, Check Mark "Apply,,," and press "Allow Cookies", if you trust the site.