The delabs iGoogle EE Widgets will work here till the Google Sites Transition to New Google Sites.

Web widgets related to learning electronics and also demonstrating the subtle aspects of Product Design Technologies.

dapj Tech

At dapj Tech you will find Tech Blogs related to Electronics Engineering, Hobby and Educational Resources too.

Schematics of delabs - Circuit Diagrams, Design.

Soldermans Basics - Tutorials, Theory, Notes.

Product Engineering - Designing Electronic Products

EE Design Library - Electronic Product Design Resource.

Electronic Product Design

The above Tech Blogs link to many useful resources on EE.

Electronic Parts and Instruments 

delabs circuits
EE Websites

delabs Sections

The source code of the Web Widgets are here..

This blog also has the widgets made by delabs from the iGoogle days, around 2005. These demonstrate solutions for improving usability in devices. The code has been moved from Google Code Hosting to github - delabs-dapj